About Us

Dr. Vinay Sarvotham is a Bangalore based leading acupressure and craniosacral therapist. He delivers non-invasive therapy in spinal slipped Disc management and has named this therapy Acu-Cranio. His father is a renowned acupressure therapist since 1983. Dr Vinay got all the secrets and techniques of acupressure therapy from his father. He is professionally trained from Singapore.

Dr. Vinay uses acu-cranio therapy which Involves decompressing the affected spinal disc without surgery. Dr Vinay’s non-surgical approach for treating this conditions attracts people from all walks of life and from across the globe come to Bangalore to get themselves to get treated.

Dr Sarvotham dreams of a day when all systems of medicine can dip into each other’s wealth, a blend of practices and theories to benefit the patients most. Dr Sarvotham’s spinal decompression therapy has helped many celebrities, from sports personalities, politicians, doctors and movie stars to CEO. High profile patients include people like our former president of India Mr K R Narayanan. This therapy has been appreciated by former Chief Minister of Karnataka Mr. S M Krishna who had undergone this therapy and have shared their satisfaction regarding pain and relief.

Treatable Conditions

Pain due to Bulged, Slipped, Herniated, Prolapsed Disc, Sciatica, Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI), Headache, Menstrual Difficulties, Back Pain during Pre/ Post pregnancy.

Understanding your Neck and Back pain.

If you have persistent pain in the neck, hand, back and leg, don’t ignore it. Stiffness and persistent pain are the first warning signs that could affect your daily activities. Stress and an erratic lifestyle are the main causes that lead to this condition.
A slipped disc in the neck results in numbness, weakness or pain from the neck region up to the hand. A slipped disc in the lower back gives you pain from your back region up to your legs. Most often, surgery is advised. Acupressure and cranio-sacral therapies are proven methods to release back pain in a non-surgical way.

Dr Vinay Sarvotham uses a self-designed technique, a combination of Acupressure and Craniosacral therapy called the “Acu-Cranio”. He realized that combination therapy was twofold faster than traditional Acupressure therapy. Observing this Dr. Vinay optimized the implementation of this unique combination technique and confined his practice exclusively to spine-related ailments (Pain due to slipped disc).

His success earned him appreciation from President K R Narayanan and the distinction as “Healing Hands” from the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Mr. S M Krishna in 2001. His patients include cabinet ministers, business tycoons, movie stars and celebrities from all walks of life.