Dr. Vinay Sarvotham’s Non-Invasive Spine Clinic without Medicine and Surgery

We offer most advanced non-invasive treatment for pain due to slipped disc for both neck and back pain.

Super Specialty Spine Clinic, Bangalore - Dr Vinay Sarvotham

A slipped disc in the neck results in numbness, weakness or pain from the neck region up to the hand. A slipped disc in the lower back gives you pain from your back region up to your legs. Most often, surgery is advised. Acupressure and craniosacral therapies are proven methods to release back pains, in a non-surgical way.

The treatment in the clinic is a self-designed technique, a combination of Acupressure and craniosacral therapy called the “Acu-Cranio”. I realised that combination therapy was twofold faster than traditional Acupressure therapy. Observing this I have optimized the implementation of this unique combination technique and confined this practice exclusively to spine-related ailments (pain due to slipped disk)

In the year 2001, this therapy earned me an appreciation by the first citizen of the country, The President of India Mr. K.R. Narayanan and the distinction as “HEALING HANDS” from the Chief Minister of Karnataka Mr. S.M. Krishna. At our clinic we have treated many clients from a wide spectrum of professions, across India and rest of the world. Prominent among cabinet ministers of Karnataka, business tycoons, movie stars, celebrities and people from all walks of life.

At our clinic we deliver the therapy to suit individual’s problem and also monitor the progress. We have set our self a goal to spread awareness and share our experience in prevention of spine related problems so that maximum number of people benefit from our advice.

Treatable Conditions


Pain due to Slipped disc (for neck and back ache),

Sciatica, Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI), Headache,

Menstrual Difficulties, Back Pain during Pre/Post Pregnancy.


Disc Tear

The most common disc injury is a small crack or micro tear in the tough (outer fibers of the disc)

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Bulging Disc

The soft jeliy-like material in the middle of the disc pushes to one side, forward

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Dessicated Disc

The disc loses its fluid content and degenerates down to a rough, worn-down

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Prolapsed Disc

A piece of disc material separates away and becomes a fragment or a free-floating piece.

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Herniated Disc

The soft jelly-like material from the nucleus in the middle of the disc ruptures

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What our Patients say

I had slipped disc problem few years back. Spent lots of money roaming doctors to doctors until I came to know about Dr Vinay. Vinay gave permanent fix to spinal chord in 20 days and the pain never reoccurred. It has been 2 years now.
Saroja SH
Dr. Vinay is like oasis in desert. After visiting more than 10 doctors from 2 years, finally I happened to visit him with reference from one of our family friends. He cured my spinal ache within 15 days
Venu Gopal
I am an agriculturist. I used to suffer from pain in his neck, shoulders and arms which used to restrict me at work. I underwent different treatments but it did not solve my problem I had heard about you from a friend and came to see you. On the second day itself I felt better and inside of a month I was back to my normal self with your treatment. You sure have some skill in operating those fingers on the spine.
Kshema Singh
According to other doctors i needed a surgery for my back pain. But Dr Sarvotham gave a fix without surgery. Saved my money, time and pain
I have been suffering from severe back pain since past 3 years. Ultimately i got treatment tailor fitted to my problem and the pain has ceased to exist. Thanks doctor !!!
Kiran Kumar
Very quick recovery I had back pain, shoulder pain & numbness for more than 15years. It was very difficult for me to do day to day work because of this ailment. I tried varieties of treatments like Allopathic medicines, Ayurvedic medicines & some ointments. But it was not cured. At last I met Dr.Sarvotham for Acupressure treatment.
Dr. Praveen Kumar
Very positive treatment makes the patient.

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